Divination Dancer

Devin Seligsohn – Divination Dancer: Devin has been on her healing journey for the last many years. A few years ago she began the study of healing and divination including shamanic and animistic practices, angelic reiki, and tarot and oracle card reading. Through these studies, Devin went deeper into her own healing journey and really fell in love with the tools, practices, and rituals that she learned. In March of 2018, Devin was faced with a traumatic medical emergency during which she came near death. Devin survived sepsis and failing organs from misdiagnosed appendicitis and a damaged intestine. “From my first memories of returning to my body, I knew I had undergone an initiation, a re-membering, that deepened my healing and spiritual practices even further. I realized my strength as a human and a healer.”

Devin approaches each session by interceding with love on the client’s behalf. She follows the guidance of her helping spirits, angels, and guides to the particular message or healing strategy that will be most beneficial to the client. Acting as a channel for spirit, she utilizes angelic reiki, shamanic and animistic practices, plant medicine, intuition, and empathy to provide the reading and/or healing that the client’s higher self is ready to receive.

  • 2016-2019 Rachel Weitz – Boulder, CO: Shamanic and Animistic healing, divination, ritual, and ceremony including shamanic soul retrieval/integration, extraction, healing with spiritual light, psychopomp, elemental divination, plant medicine, and deepening relationships.
  • 2016-2018 Renna Shesso – Denver, CO: Shamanic healing and divination, Tarot card reading
  • 2017-2019 Cheryl Ramsey – Denver, CO: Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Certification
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